Trauma Scene Cleaning

Steamatic is world-renowned for providing dependable, efficient and effective clean up services at all types of trauma, accident and crime scenes. Our sympathetic and knowledgeable experts are experienced in professionally removing all traces of bio-hazardous wastes as well as any residual materials that remain after the police and emergency services have worked at and examined the scene.

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Crime and trauma scene cleanup by Steamatic

Our crime scene clean up teams are trained to work quickly, efficiently and most of all respectfully, keeping in mind at all times the needs of the affected family and others.

An experienced crime scene cleaning company

Trauma scene cleanup usually involves the removal of human blood and other bio-hazardous wastes following major accidents, accidental deaths, unattended deaths, suicides and murders. We also have the skills, specialized equipment and cleaning products to effectively eliminate forensic and other residues left behind after police activity, including pepper spray, fingerprint powder, and tear gas.

As part of our procedures, we will eliminate all odors and disinfect and sanitize the location to leave it clean, spotless and as appealing as we can make it. We always work as effectively and as efficiently as possible to clear up all traces of crimes and traumas so that your location can be returned to its former use in the shortest possible time and the people involved can start to rebuild their lives.

We work with your insurance company

Our crime and trauma scene cleaning and restoration services are often covered by insurance policies and we have had wide experience in liaising with many insurance companies as well as affected parties when completing a job.

If you would like more information on our helpful and sympathetic service and effective cleanup methods for trauma and crime scenes, please call Steamatic today.