Freeze drying is one of the most effective methods of restoring documents that have been damaged by water. In this method of drying, the document in question is first pre-treated. This is normally done to ensure that the next step in the freezing is effective.

For instance, if the document in question is a book, the pages within it may be carefully separated to ensure that the process of freezing penetrates all the pages, increasing the chances of retrieving all the information within the document.

Once this is done, the document is then frozen. It is then subjected to a very low pressure, and later on a little heat. The combination of low pressure and heat results in sublimation of the water, which refers to the conversion from solid to gaseous form instantaneously. The effect of removing water from a document in this manner is that it does not leave the document damaged, as would be expected if the document were to be dried through other means.

This method of recovering documents that have been damaged by water is very simple and effective. However, the fact that it needs specialized equipment means that you will need to get a contractor to do it for you.