Management team

Nancy Raymond


Nancy is a well-recognized young professional in the business world; not just in Outaouais, but all over Canada. In December 2005, she decided to take the plunge into the business world by purchasing a disaster recovery company. Her first challenge was to get the company back on its feet and to combine her family life with this new pace. In 2007, having met with great success on this significant undertaking, which was soon praised by the managers of other affiliates, Nancy purchased the chain to which her company belonged. She became the sole owner, president, and C.E.O. of this network, serving all of Quebec with 18 affiliates, from Outaouais to Shawinigan. In 2016, she acquired the Steamatic Canada chain, which has 35 franchises in Canada. Nancy is also involved in various associations and causes related to the insurance field and to other areas and serves on several committees. She holds a degree from the Elite program of the Beauce Business School and is the recipient of several business awards. Thanks to her business skills, leadership, and ambition, during these years she has become a woman who is greatly appreciated, respected, and influential in the business world and the insurance industry.

Josée Sabourin

Managing Director

Josée has a great deal of experience in the insurance industry. She started in the field in 1992 as a receptionist for BEA (Bureau d’Expertise des Assureurs). Seeking a change, she stayed in administration but went to work for a disaster recovery restoration company in Gatineau in 2003, which was headed at the time by Joël Dagenais. She participated in the installation of the first Xactimate system in the industry. In 2004, she returned to BEA and obtained her disaster expert permit from the AMF. BEA became CGI Experts en sinistres and she participated in setting up ISO 9001 certification. In 2007, still with CGI, Josée moved to Montreal to take a position in business development. Finally, in 2008, she moved back into the disaster recovery field, this time with Nancy Raymond, who had just acquired her chain. Josée held several positions directing management operations and also heading the Quebec chain. Following the acquisition of Steamatic Canada, she is now Managing Director of the Canadian chain and the entire network benefits from her expertise, her management skills, and her knowledge of the processes and procedures in disaster management.

Martin Demuy

Vice-President, Sales & Business Development


Martin is well-known in the restoration industry because of his great social skills and his rigor. Having more than 20 years of experience in line with insurance, Martin has built great and lasting business relationships with many individuals in the disaster recovery field. He has been the business development director of a franchise in building restoration for 6 years. It is safe to say he has a lot of knowledge in business operations and growth. Martin joins the Steamatic Canada team in 2017 as Vice-President of sales and business development. He will take care of the network’s development and business relations with clients. With Steamatic’s development goals for the next few years, this challenge seeker will be fulfilled!

Brigitte Sabourin

Director of Operations
819.777.4929 ext.106

In 2000, Brigitte started working in the insurance field as an administrative assistant at BEA (Bureau d’Expertise des Assureurs). In 2007, in order to specialize in the field, she became certified by AMF as a disaster expert in damage insurance for individuals. Three years later, she joined Ms. Raymond’s disaster recovery cleaning and renovation company as an administrative manager. Her experience as a disaster expert is very beneficial to the company for she has accumulated knowledge regarding the procedures for disaster management and is comfortable in this area. In 2016, Brigitte joined the head office team of the Quebec chain as operations assistant. Since the acquisition, Brigitte has held the position of director of operations. She offers operational and technical support to the franchise owners and helps manage and develop the compliance program to meet the performance goals set by our clients.

Frédérique Déry

Administrative Coordinator
819.777.4929 ext.102

A charismatic and ambitious millennial, Frédérique joined Nancy Raymond’s team in 2013, at the Quebec chain’s headquarters. As administrative coordinator, she helps the entire headquarters team in various projects while completing her B.A. in business administration at the Université du Québec en Outaouais. She is also involved in her university: in 2016, she was named vice-president of events and partnership for the class of 2016-2017 for UQO’s interuniversity competitions. With her professional experience and energy, she supports the entire management team as well as all the Steamatic Canada franchise owners in terms of the trademark and at the administrative level. Since the acquisition, Frédérique has been administrative coordinator for Steamatic Canada.

Alexandre Ashby

Senior Advisor to the President

Holding the title of certified management accountant (CMA), Alexandre began his career working for the GDI group in 2000, just after passing his professional exam. He then worked for one of the affiliates specializing in micro-franchising in commercial cleaning. In 2001, he became the financial director of Steamatic Métropolitain and Steamatic Canada. In 2007, following the mandate to proceed with the restructuring of Steamatic, Alexandre became general director of corporate franchising and was then promoted to vice-president of the Steamatic group in 2009. His path has allowed him to put together an experienced team along with rigorous management controls while maintaining the company on the lookout for the best practices in the industry. In addition to his titles of CPA and CMA, Alexandre is currently working toward a specialized graduate degree in business finance (D.E.S.S.). He is also involved in his community and is currently on the board of directors of the Soutien-O-Sinistrés organization, which helps underprivileged disaster victims without insurance. Following the acquisition of Steamatic Canada, Alexandre has held the position of senior advisor to the president and his wide range of experience and knowledge within the company is of great help to the head office.

Gabriel Bélanger

Certified Trainer

With 10 years of experience in the post-disaster recovery industry, Gabriel is now the certified trainer for Steamatic Canada. Due to the great deal of experience he has in the field, he is also the technical advisor for all the franchise owners in the network. Gabriel is not just a bilingual trainer for the Steamatic Canada network but is also IICRC certified for WRT and FSRT trainings. He is also certified as a trainer by the Chambre d’Assurance de Dommages which allows him to offer trainings to insurance experts and brokers. Gabriel is the technical and training expert for the entire network.