Steamatic Media Restoration From Water Damage

by Steamatic Canada Inc

If your documents and media get wet due to water damage in your home, Steamatic professionals will freeze dry them right away! In most cases freeze drying will limit water damage and allow us time to go about recovering as much of your previous data as possible.

If you are shocked by the damage done to your home by fire, smoke, mould, or water damage? When your documents and media files get ruined it is stressful and such a hassle, that is why with Steamatic you can be provided efficient media and document restoration services to get your life back on track in the shortest time possible.

With Steamatic document and media restoration services they take three steps:

  1. Call your insurer- The first thing recommended you do is get in touch with your insurance company. They are the one who will inform you to call a professional service.
  2. Freeze the documents- Quick freezing will limit and minimize your damage and will allow us time to go about recovering as much of your data as possible.
  3. Safely restore documents- Once the sublimation process is over, we are able to safely clean and restore your damaged documents and media.

If vital documents are infected with mould, mildew or bacteria, the document restoration process will include sterilizing items. Individual pieces of paper or an entire library of work can be restored and saved from further contamination and decay.

The best way to try and recover your water-damaged items is to air them out the best you can and then call a professional service. Another option is vacuum freeze drying although sometimes this can be risky as your document can become warped and hard to use.

If you have documents or media that have suffered water, fire or smoke damage they could be infected with moulds which are hazardous to your health and well-being. For a efficient document and media restoration service you should contact Steamatic at 1 888 767 7616 or visit us online today to learn more!

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