About Steamatic

From its early days as a carpet cleaning company to its modern status as one of the world’s leading disaster recovery, cleanup, and general cleaning companies in the world Steamatic, Inc has led the way through innovation combined with positive business practices and an attention to detail. With more than 400 franchise territories, Steamatic operates in 27 countries spanning the globe including Europe where it operates under the name of BMS Technologies. Throughout this time and in everything that we do, Steamatic continues to lead the way in innovative cleaning and restoration techniques; helping us successfully service our thousands of satisfied customers.

In its current incarnation, Steamatic Inc operates as a disaster recovery and cleanup company as well as a professional domestic and residential cleaning company. Services range from effective carpet and furniture cleaning through to demolition, renovation, and restoration disaster recovery. Individuals, families, and businesses have come to rely not only on our services but our commitment to the provision of the best possible services completed within some of the most stringent and difficult deadlines.

Pre-Steamatic Inc Days

Bill Blackmon and Scott Mooring, two businessmen from Forth Worth, first established a dedicated carpet cleaning business, in 1948. Initially the company was known as Blackmon Mooring and from the very first day it was obvious that this company was going to stand head and shoulders above the company as being different. High standards and incredible reliability formed the cornerstone of the Blackmon Mooring business and the pair soon made a name and built a reputation for themselves based on these desirable characteristics.

Steamatic History

Having had the idea to sell franchises in their now extremely profitable and busy company, Blackmon Mooring changed its name to Steamatic Inc in 1967. It was in this year that they also gained their first patent for the groundbreaking hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. Armed with this innovative method of cleaning and coupled with their pair’s obvious business acumen and extensive knowledge of their industry, Steamatic Inc began to establish itself as a leading franchise within the carpet cleaning industry.

Steamatic Development

Following the granting of its first patent more than 40 years ago, Steamatic has gone on to continually push the boundaries in their industry. Another 21 patents have been applied for and granted in no fewer than 10 countries around the world further helping the Steamatic brand become a household global name. This evolution and innovation is still one of the strongest underlying characteristics of the Steamatic company and has helped make it one of the most desirable brand opportunities in the world. Under new directorship since 2007, Steamatic Inc continues to build on the incredible foundations set out by two businessmen from Forth Worth.

The Steamatic Philosophy

At Steamatic it is our continued aim to offer the highest possible standards combined with the latest innovations and the best service. It is this combination that has helped build the Steamatic name to what it is today and will continue to see us and our franchisees benefit. Similarly, it is these goals that help ensure our clients, many of whom find themselves in the most unfortunate and most difficult situations life can throw at them, can trust and rely on our company to serve their needs.

Steamatic Today

Steamatic has more than 600 offices across the world and services more than 400 franchise regions. Individuals and groups have become Steamatic franchisees because they know they gain more than just the Steamatic name; they also benefit from a vast resource of information, experience, and innovation; the very same benefits that are afforded to all of our customers.